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*** Parenting Support ***

Debbie works with families utilizing a “Supernanny” approach by working with parents directly with the goal of, not only eliciting compliant behavior from their children, but also parenting to their children's hearts. Debbie works with young children/adolescents and their families, assisting parents in establishing authority in their home, as well as caring for and nurturing their children’s emotional well-being.  The goal of therapy goes beyond behavior management and strives for family unity.

*** Practical Advice ***

Through interactive conversation and nonjudgmental exchange, Debbie is able to assist people to understand core themes to persistent relationship problems. She is encouraging throughout the process of transformation and empowering as she equips a person to learn how to replace dysfunctional ways of thinking with new, healthier guidelines. She is a compassionate listener who genuinely cares about helping people improve their personal relationships. 

Debbie D. Sardina, MA, LCPC, LMHC 


​​​*** Christian Counseling *** 

For families and individuals who profess a Christian faith, Debbie provides Biblical-based counseling to families, couples, and individuals.  She skillfully combines traditional mental health counseling while utilizing the Bible as ultimate authority and guidance. She helps her clients discover God’s plan for their lives. 

Do you believe in God, just don't know how that belief is supposed to impact your life? Debbie will help you figure out the spiritual aspect of life for those seeking a deeper spiritual understanding of themselves.


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Debbie D. Sardina is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Indiana. She provides Mental Health Counseling for individuals, couples, and  families. With over 20 years of experience and a strength based approach, Debbie provides effective, practical advice for life change. 

Specializing in:

Anxiety                Depression             Life Transition 

Parent/Child Conflict     Parent/Adolescent Conflict

Couples Counseling                    Family Counseling 

Parent Education in understanding Childhood Disorder Diagnosis (ADD/ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder)